The Fairmount Cultural Corridor is an initiative designed to advance a vision in the Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan neighborhoods located along the Fairmount commuter rail line that draws upon the local cultural assets and ethnic traditions of the Corridor’s residents. Started with an Upham’s Corner pilot that encourages vibrant cultural economic activity through placemaking interventions such as interactive public art installations, outdoor markets, and complementary business activity around the Upham’s Corner Fairmount train stop and anchored by the historic Strand Theatre, the Fairmount CC combines collaborative efforts of residents, local artists, community organizations and businesses to help create a vibrant livable neighborhood district made stronger through an active local creative economy.

The Fairmount CC aim is creative placemaking that is rooted in local history and diversity, with the belief that deep local resident and business engagement is critical to ensuring collective ownership, which is the hallmark of any sustainable, long term change. Supported are the notions that arts and cultural programming in any neighborhood, designed and led by local artists, residents and merchants, and using art to engage residents in imagining new possibilities for underutilized indoor and outdoor spaces will create positive change.

In Upham’s Corner the focus is on increasing culturally relevant performances at the Strand Theater, creating a culturally relevant permanent art installation to enhance public interest in the arts, informing and engaging community residents in neighborhood revitalization planning processes, supporting local artists in showcasing their work through Up Market open air venues, art shows in storefronts, and technical support for creative business start-ups. See CASE STUDY.

Long-term the initiative investigates using arts to build neighborhood vibrancy and cultural economic activity through place-making interventions, resident engagement and organizing, technical assistance, way-finding, “random acts of culture,” installations, outdoor markets, and complementary business activities.

Originally supported by ArtPlace America, a collaboration of leading national and regional foundations, banks and federal agencies accelerating creative placemaking across the US, and by  The Boston Foundation. For more information please contact us!